Support parents in your community

The Confident Parent Course helps parents move from worry about their child, to confidence in their parenting. It introduces parents to family systems ideas, that when parents make a project out of themselves rather than anxiously focusing on their child, this supports children's wellbeing.

The group facilitated version of the course is delivered with video highlights and facilitated discussion. This package trains you to deliver the course.

Package includes 4 months access to:

Streaming resources: The Confident Parent Course -  online version for you to see the full course with Q&A at the end. Then the 'highlights' version which you will use when delivering the course - this includes a role play, description of key concepts and discussion questions.

Training resources: prerequisite training to understand the research (free course 1), then family systems understanding of symptom development in children (course 2). This is followed by facilitator training in how to deliver the course, answer questions and facilitate discussion. The facilitator training video is of a live training event recorded on zoom, while the streaming resources are filmed to professional quality.

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    Community Version - 4 months access to training and streaming resources

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    Faith-based Version - 4 months access to training and streaming resources

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I've already completed the prerequisite training and/or the Confident Parent Course online, do I have to redo these?

We encourage you to take advantage of the subscription and review the material again before undertaking the Group Facilitator Training. New points may stand out to you now you have more experience with the Parent Hope Project.

Packages for Schools and mental health organisations

There are packages available for schools and mental health organisations. These packages train staff members to deliver the Confident Parent Course, with extra video resources plus discounts for book purchases for your community. A mentor session also recommended to help you support parents in your context.

How many packages do I need to buy for my organisation?

If multiple people are running the Confident Parent Course in an organisation at different times, you will each require a subscription. No sharing of logins is allowed across an organisation. If multiple facilitators are presenting the course at the one time, you will only need one subscription package (after each facilitator has completed their training).

What is the church version? 

Each session of the church edition concludes with a relevant bible verse, and the workbook has reflection questions linked to the verse.