Explore seeing children’s symptoms through a systems lens – based on Bowen family systems theory.

This training uses non-clinical language suited to community workers, teachers and other non-clinical workers. 

In the training, Dr Jenny Brown describes the family systems ideas that explain the complexity of mental health and behavioural symptoms in children. 

The Parent Hope Project programs are built on these ideas, and this training is foundational learning for the parent coach manualised program and Confident Parent Course group facilitator training.

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Foundational learning for understanding The Parent Hope Project

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What's Included in the Course

Session 1: Understanding symptom development in children using a family systems lens

  • How parent issues get redirected towards children
  • How children are part of triangles with their caregivers
  • What is an anxious child focus and how does it impact a child’s development?
  • How different children experience different parenting focus.

Session 2: Understanding the child’s triangle with parents and the common parent style tensions in reaction to a vulnerable child 

Session 3: What are the similarities and differences of this approach with other theories about parents and symptomatic children?

This can be done as standalone professional development without continuing onto the Parent Hope/Confidence training

It is possible to move straight to the parent coach training without completing required theory training seminars if you have completed an in-depth training program in Bowen theory. Please email [email protected] to request an exemption, providing evidence of your previous training.

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Course Reviews

4 star rating

Excellent Foundation

Colin Bennett

The course thus far has provided an excellent foundation in the family systems theory.

The course thus far has provided an excellent foundation in the family systems theory.

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5 star rating


Emma Castricum